A poppy flower was blooming.

.. she was blooming and blooming and blooming..

There are about 50 to 120 poppy species scattered around the world. My Poppies Poppy is not some poppy. No.
Only the best poppy which is grown directly in Austria gets into our products. So you can taste the regionality with
every bite.


A poppy seed capsule contains up to 5g poppy seeds, that is 5000 to 6000 pieces. The seed is variable in colour.
Depending on the variety, these are greyish or bluish.


In spring, the poppy is grown on the field. In June, the poppy florification takes place, which takes only a few days. Once the poppy has withered, the poppy capsule is created. In the summer heat the capsule dries and is finally harvested in July.

From the seed into the packet

A short introduction into the production of My Poppies

The capsules, either with or without the stems, are packed after shaking out the seeds.


The seed is gently ground and preserved (other synonyms are: squeezing, stabilize, grind) and then packed by hand.


The golden yellow poppy oil is produced by a gentle pressing process of poppy seeds in a small poppy seed mill in
Upper Austria.


The gentle production (handcrafted) preserves valuable biological components and intensifies the taste.


Thus, all the individual components of the poppy plant are processed, which explains why the poppy is such an all-
round talent.